How it Works


How It Works

Automated tenant screening for landlords. Get started and run tenant background checks, credit history, and Income Insights.

No set-up fees. No minimums. No hassle.

Sign Up for a Free Account & Application Online

Yes, it’s that simple. Whether you have 1 or 100 properties, Larkey Tenant Screening (powered by SmartMove) is completely free for landlords — always.


Invite Potential Applicants to Apply

When you enter an applicant’s email, they will promptly receive an invitation to complete the tenant background check and online application. Larkey Tenant Screening (powered by SmartMove) is as easy for applicants as it is for landlords.

Applicant Authorizes Screening & Verifies Identity

Landlords do not need to be credentialed to “pull” reports, since SmartMove uses a unique platform that enables the renter to “push” their own credit, eviction, Income Insights and criminal data to the landlord. This results in a “soft inquiry” on the renter’s credit report which does not impact their credit score.


Reports & Recommendations Are Delivered to Your Account

Get a clear and complete picture of your rental applicant’s situation. With credit check, eviction history, criminal insights, and income verification, you will have the information you need to make an informed decision.

Automate your tenant screening. Start for free today!

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